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Jiuzhang Biotech participated in the roadshow of the 2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference and achieved great success

2019 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference was held successfully on Sep 21-23 in Suzhou China, the world’s four well-known Exchanges (Hong Kong, Nasdaq, London and Shanghai Stock Exchanges), top-scientists in immunotherapy gathered here to discuss the financing policies of pharmaceutical innovation companies in the world’s leading financing platforms, and help domestic biopharmaceutical companies find suitable cross-border financing channels to promote the innovation and transformation of China's pharmaceutical industry.

At the “Non-listed Company Roadshow” sessions on Sep 22, Mr Gang Xie, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Jiuzhang Biothech, made a special presentation with the topic “Chlorogenic acid for injection----class 1 natural small molecule tumor immunedrug”. The presentation was reviewed the phase I clinical trial of chlorogenic acid for injection, reported the progress of phase II clinical trial in GBM, combined the characteristics of the project, and made a conclusion of investment highlights. The report received enthusiastic attention from the guests and investment companies.

Chlorogenic acid for injection, developed by Jiuzhang Biotech, was the first-in-class natural small molecule immune-metabolism antitumor drug with the clear target, broad antitumor spectrum. By now, this project is in the progress of phase II/III clinical trial in GBM.

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