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The term “Jiuzhang” is taken from the Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art as the first work on natural science in China which begins to be compiled in the Warring States period, and is continuously researched, perfected and finalized during the Qin, Han and Three Kingdoms periods.

Established in 1999, Sichuan Jiuzhang Biotech Co., Ltd. is engaged in the comprehensive research of screening, molecular structure transformation and relevant applications of natural active products. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales.

After long-term in-depth pharmaceutical and clinical research, Jiuzhang Biotech has developed chlorogenic acid monomer as a drug for the first time in the world and has applied it to the treatment of major diseases (cancers). In 2013, it obtained the clinical approval documents for chlorogenic acid drug substance and chlorogenic acid for injection registered as category 1.2 chemicals, which were issued by the CFDA (approval numbers 2013L01856 and 2013L01855).

Since the establishment, Jiuzhang Biotech always abides by the research concept of “Respect for Nature, Rigorous and Realistic” by conforming to objective laws. It has successfully explored a unique model for drug development, and has been committed to promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment.