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Clinical Trials Recruitment | Chlorogenic Acid Phase II Clinical Trials led by Beijing Tiantan Hospital was initiated

Neurosurgery Frontier News showed that, reviewed and approved by Ethics Committee of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University (Ethics Review Number YW2018-018-01/02/03), chaired by Professor LI Wenbin, Director of Neurosurgery neural tumor Comprehensive Treatment Unit, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, the clinical trial, “A randomized, controlled, open-label, multicenter, phase II/III clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of chlorogenic acid for injection in the treatment of recurrent grade IV glioblastoma (GBM)” had been officially launched. After the Spring Festival of 2019, patients with relapsed glioblastoma who meet the requirements of enrollment (see table below) will be formally recruited publicly.

The study had been approved by China Food and Drug Administration (approval number: 20153L01855). The trial will be carried out in 12 hospitals in China headed by Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University.

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