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Introduction of Jiuzhang Lvtai Chewable Tablets and Chlorogenic Acid


Jiuzhang Biotech research team combined immunology and proteomics with biological experiments and used KEGG and UNIPROT databases to screen, study, and analyze the functions and pathways of all chlorogenic acid-related proteins, through which found that chlorogenic acid is involved in the treatment of many common diseases.

Based on the results of above basic research, Jiuzhang Biotech has selected natural plants with homology of medicine and food for organic combination through the technology platform of “chromatographic column separation and purification, reduction solvent protection extraction, coupling and purification of easily oxidizable natural products”, and developed derivative products——Chewable tablets with chlorogenic acid as the main component, and conducted in-depth mechanism research and exploration of its indications. In 2012, Jiuzhang Lvtai Chewable Tablets has obtained CFDA approval:  China health food approval number G20120435. The health product is an organic combination of natural products and modern science and technology. It is rich in various medicinal ingredients and has a good safety profile. After compatibility of prescription, it can exert multi-target and multi-channel prevention and treatment effects, which is suitable for long-term health care and currently available for sale.

According to previous reports of chlorogenic acid and our previous research, we also found that chlorogenic acid can play an indirect antiviral role by activating macrophages to enhance phagocytosis, and at the same time alleviate inflammation by reducing the overreaction of immune cells in the inflammatory environment response, reduce the generation of inflammatory factors to reduce the symptoms of pneumonia, and even reduce pulmonary fibrosis in the later stage. Chlorogenic acid does not suppress the immune system while acting, but regulates the immune system and normalizes the excessive immune system, which may play a certain role in relieving pneumonia caused by the overactive autoimmunity caused by viral infection.

Recommended dosage and administration: 2 tablets twice or thrice a day. Dissolve in the mouth.

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