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The scientific research team in Jiuzhang Biotech of drug substance of chlorogenic acid and chlorogenic acid injection has gathered many excellent experts and scholars at home and abroad, and which have rich scientific research and clinical experience. We are committed to strengthening the capacity for transforming scientific research; integrating scientific exploration, scientific mysteries with new drug innovation and bringing them to the market.

At present, according to the research progress of the chemical structure, biological activity and action mechanism (target point and pathway) of chlorogenic acid, we will initiate clinical research on squamous lung carcinoma, small cell lung cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, squamous uterine cervix and so on. We sincerely invite experts, scholars, scientists and colleagues with practical experience to participate in or cooperate with each other (including financial investors).

We will continuously expand our cooperation with global leading academic institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies to bring our existing preclinical and clinical research results to the international community (Europe, Australia or the United States) and to carry out clinical research (such as cryopreservation).

Chlorogenic acid for injection belongs to the drug of immune energy metabolism, which has the characteristics of broad spectrum, clear target, multi-channel and no drug resistance; it can relieve LAG3 immunosuppression and promote the transformation of macrophage M2 to M1, and can be used in RANKL pathway; the safety and anti-swelling of chlorogenic acid have been confirmed in phase I solid tumors clinical research; the mechanism of chlorogenic acid for injection determines that chlorogenic acid for injection has great clinical value in immune and nervous system diseases.

Phase I clinical trials were conducted in three hospitals (Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Cancer Hospital and Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University). The safety, metabolism and tolerance of the drug have been scientifically determined. The characteristic of chlorogenic acid for injection determines that it is a single drug and multi-pipeline drug, which has immeasurable commercial development value.