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Jiuzhang Biotech Protocol Seminar on Chlorogenic Acid for Injection successfully completed in May 2018

On May 19, 2018, Seminar on Phase II/III Clinical Trial of Chlorogenic Acid for Injection in Treating GBM organized by our company (Sponsor) was successfully completed.

Based on data of chlorogenic acid for injection from all aspects, 22 experts from 9 centers, such as the Institute of Materia Medica affiliated to Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing Union Hospital, put forward their own views and all participating experts agreed on the study protocol.

Chlorogenic acid for injection is a Class I and II innovative drug for the treatment of gliomas with full independent intellectual property rights owned by Jiuzhang Biotech. Clinical trial approval from CFDA (CHINA FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) was obtained in 2013 and Phase I clinical trial was completed on September 15, 2017

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