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Principal Investigators of Chlorogenic Acid Project were Interviewed by Nature

After the phase Ⅰ clinical data of chlorogenic acid for injection developed by Jiuzhang Biotech (involved tumor spectrum and treatment trends) were released at the China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference,, the Nature made an exclusive interview with the Inventor Mr. Zhang, Jie, Prof. Chen, Xiaoguang as the PI of anti-tumor mechanism study from the Institute of Materia Medica affiliated to Chinese Academy of Medical Science, and Prof. Li, Wenbin as the PI of brain Glioma clinical trial from Beijing Shijitan Hospital.

Li Wenbin (Left 1), Zhang Jie (Left 2) and Chen Xiaoguang (left 3) are interviewed by Nature journal.  


According to the questions raised by the interviewer from Nature, they introduced the historical development of chlorogenic acid preparation and its pharmacological characteristics, the toxicity, tolerability and pharmacokinetics in clinical trials as well as its trend and future development in treating malignant tumors. As a natural small-molecule drug firstly developed in the world (with independent intellectual property rights), this drug has a wide range of pharmacological activities. Treatment mechanism studies showed that various diseases including malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases (like erythematous psoriasis and systemic lupus erythematosus) were highly responsive to chlorogenic acid preparations with multiple targets and pathways. It is a broad-spectrum drug with low toxicity and low stimulation.

Focused on disease treatment, chlorogenic acid related derivatives, core processes, and new dosage forms, Jiuzhang Biotech had applied for 85 domestic and international invention patents and 1 utility model patent in total, among which 20 patents had been granted. The other 66 patents are under normal reveiw procedures.


Dr. Yingying Zhou, the Editor of Custom Publishing in Greater China for Nature Research, and SteveQian, the Customer Manager of Greater China for Nature Journal, demonstrated their profound medical background and extensive scientific knowledge in their questions.

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